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This product contains all the lectures needed for your PADA team member training and certification. After ordering, you will find the course in the “my courses” tab. The course contains basic(introductory) information about AAI and its definitions. The second step is the theory needed in practical AAI work (visiting, educational and therapeutic settings). Later on, you will find lectures prepared for AAI instructors(with scientific backgrounds in dogs’ cognition and behavior). The final part of this training is about PADA – the protocol and test itself, practical tips on how to proceed, and movies with tested dogs that will give you insight into the procedure.

Grow and become qualified!

  • You want to improve your work with animals and people
  • You want to master the secrets of dog therapy and gain knowledge about how to work effectively with dogs
  • You work in a profession related to working with people and want to learn new methods

Highlights about the course

Check out the details, and plan your education!

  • Theoretical lectures to listen
  • Practical tutorials to train with your dog
  • Films and materials from interventions
  • PADA protocol and video materials about it

You will gain knowledge about dogs, their communication, and their behavior. Use it in AAI and in dog assessment!

  • Dog-dog communication,
  • Dog-human communication,
  • Dog’s needs,
  • Dog behavior analysis,
  • Dog training theory,
  • Adapting learning tools to the individual needs of the animal,
  • Learning in dogs – how to use dogs’ potential?
  • How to take care of the welfare of a working dog?
  • Basics of veterinary medicine;

Not only theory – watch some AAI videos and learn from practical experience! You will learn about different interventions – scenarios useful in visiting situations, educational settings or therapeutic interventions. Watch how dogs can support clients with different needs. See methods that could be helpful. Adapt your own solutions. In this course you will see many ideas – in over 20 practical movies.

What will you find inside the course?

  1. IAHAIOs’ White Papier
  2. Stress in AAI
  3. Communication and ethics
  4. Dog training: theory and practice!
  5. Learning theory (2 Topics)
  6. Teaching a “marker”
  7. Self-control
  8. Self-control with a toy
  9. Being “sensitive to touch”
  10. Following the thumb
  11. Hand target
  12. Head in lap
  13. “Go to mat”
  14. Retrieving
  15. Retrieving in a group
  16. Retrieving – exercises
  17. Walking on a loose leash
  18. Lectures: Knowledge-based aspects of working with a dog
  19. Dog behavior and communication (2 Topics)
  20. Nutrition and feeding
  21. Basic veterinary care and control
  22. Planning and documenting AAI
  23. Personality and breed characteristics
  24. Research in AAI
  25. Bond with the nature
  26. AAI – exemplary exercises to be used on the interventions
  27. Bowling in a psychiatric ward
  28. Searching
  29. Domino
  30. Interventions with pupils – examples of using dog support in learning
  31. Counting (6 Topics and videos)
  32. Reading (7 Topics and videos)
  33. Building self-esteem
  35. Introduction
    • Welcome
    • Scientific background and concept
    • Additional resources
  36. Exercises in the PADA protocol
  37. Dogs traits in Animal-Assisted Interventions
  38. A short guide for the evaluators
  39. Manual for recording
  41. Introduction to solving social problems
  42. Canine cognition
  43. Canine social cognition
  44. Canine cognition – cooperation
  45. Social learning
  46. Scientific papers and articles
  48. PADA: VIDEOS FROM THE TEST(6 videos)
  49. PADA tests with comments (2 videos)
  50. Changes in the protocol


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