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PADA testing ensures well-suited pets for air travel, enhancing safety and comfort for passengers. 

By evaluating a dog’s temperament, PADA testing reduces the risk of in-flight incidents.

Implementing PADA testing streamlines policies, simplifies procedures, and improves the pet travel experience.

Let’s unlock the potential of pet travel with PADA testing.



Pet-friendly travel made effortless: PADA testing lets airlines cater to the rising demand for pet-friendly travel. Stand out from the competition and make every journey memorable for pet owners and their furry companions.




Simplified process, stress-free experience: With PADA testing, airlines can seamlessly assess a dog’s temperament, ensuring well-behaved and suitable pets on board. Enjoy streamlined policies and procedures that enhance the travel experience for everyone involve.



Unleash revenue potential: Tap into the booming market of pet owners with PADA-certified dog tickets. Generate additional income through pet travel fees while providing a top-notch service that delights pet owners and boosts your airline’s financial success.


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In 2022, PLL LOT and the Animals for People Association conducted a successful pilot program implementing PADA testing on flights between Warsaw and Oslo. The dogs showed no signs of stress during the flights, generating positive passenger reactions and boosting customer satisfaction. The flight crew and ground staff embraced the canine passengers, creating a welcoming atmosphere and fostering a sense of community. This case study highlights the numerous benefits of PADA testing for airlines, including improved passenger experience and positive publicity.

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PADA test

The PADA test

Welcome to the fascinating world of PADA, a cutting-edge assessment methodology designed to evaluate the temperament and suitability of dogs for intervention work with individuals having disabilities, special needs, and specific requirements. These remarkable canines possess a unique blend of sociability, courage, and a genuine enthusiasm for engaging with people, making them perfect companions in a variety of facilities. As the demand for well-suited airport companions grows, the internationally-recognized PADA database serves as an invaluable resource, enabling seamless collaboration and efficient outsourcing to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of this transformative evaluation tool. Join us on this captivating journey as we unlock the true potential of intervention dogs through PADA.

Reliable tool

The PADA test serves as a reliable and essential tool for evaluating a dog's temperament and personality, guaranteeing that only dogs of exceptional behavior, stress resilience, and friendly disposition are granted the privilege to join us on board.

International database

Our comprehensive database houses all the essential data and information pertaining to each dog's PADA test results, providing a centralized resource for accessing and managing their temperament profiles.

Mutual benefits

Pet-owners find comfort and companionship while traveling with their beloved dogs, and airlines ensure safe and satisfactory journeys for all passengers, creating a mutually beneficial relationship.
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Join our international alliance and be a part of the future in pet-friendly air travel, where customer needs are met with excellence and satisfaction.

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Experience worry-free pet travel with our PADA-certified dogs. By following our streamlined process, you can confidently bring your approved dog on board, ensuring a safe and comfortable flight for all passengers.

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Certify your dog's suitability with our trusted PADA evaluation.


Receive an e-ID card for easy verification at airports.


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Sit back, relax, and enjoy a safe, stress-free flight for everyone on board.
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Questions And Answers

PADA testing helps ensure that only well-behaved and stress-resistant dogs are allowed on board, promoting a safe and comfortable travel experience for all passengers and their furry companions.

To get your dog PADA certified, you need to have them assessed by a certified PADA evaluator in an approved institution. They will evaluate your dog’s behavior, sociability, and responsiveness to training, among other criteria.

PADA assesses the  temperament of dogs, focusing on traits such as friendliness, boldness, aggression-free behavior, and being people-oriented. Dogs with these characteristics are more likely to handle airports and plane surroundings with ease. While not all dogs may pass the test, PADA helps identify dogs that possess the ideal temperament for a stress-free travel experience.

PADA was chosen based on extensive scientific research and is widely recognized and utilized in many countries. Its effectiveness and reliability make it the preferred choice for evaluating a dog’s temperament. Additionally, the international database associated with PADA allows airlines to easily access and utilize the information for their specific purposes.

PADA certification is not breed-specific, and dogs of all breeds can undergo the assessment. The focus is on evaluating the individual dog’s temperament and suitability for air travel, rather than the breed itself. As long as a dog meets the necessary temperament requirements, it can be eligible for PADA certification and fly with the proper documentation.

The PADA test is designed to identify dogs who are well-suited for air travel and can confidently navigate the airport and cabin environment. If your dog does not pass the PADA test, it may indicate that air travel could be challenging for them. While it is still possible to travel with your dog and have them transported in cargo, this can potentially be a stressful experience for them. We recommend considering alternative options, such as leaving your dog in the care of a trusted individual or a safe environment at home, unless travel is absolutely necessary. We are here to support you in making the best decision for your pet’s well-being.