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Education for PADA team member

This product contains all the lectures needed in your PADA team member training and certification. After ordering, you will find the course in the “my courses” tab. 

The course contains basic(introductory) information about AAI and definitions. Seckond step is the theory needed in practical AAI work (visiting, educational and therapeutic settings). Later on, you will find lectures prepared for AAI instructors(with scientific backgrounds in dogs’ cognition and behavior). The final part of this training is about PADA – the protocol and test itself, practical tips on how to proceed with it, and movies with tested dogs that will give you insight into the procedure. 

  • Evaluator online training €849

    Introductory AAI knowlege, AAI online course, AAI instructor course, PADA certification course

  • Leader online training €269

    Introductory AAI knowlege, AAI online course, PADA certification course

  • Technician online training €199

    Introductory AAI knowlege, PADA certification course

PADA conference 2023

During the conference, we will look for many essential answers!
-What is dog personality?
-Does the personality influence the behavior?
-How can we protect dogs’ welfare during AAI?
-Can we ask the dog does he/she want to work in AAI? And how to do it?
-How to improve AAI training and master needed behaviors?
-Can science help in everyday work?

We will present the tool made for AAI dogs and handlers during the conference. The PADA test is made to screen dogs’ personalities and help choose the proper dogs for AAI.