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We are professional organizations, each with different expertise. We collaborate to help AAI practitioners in their professional development. Thanks to that, we take care of the welfare of clients and working animals, and quality education is our strength. You are welcome to join us and build the alliance together.

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The beginning...

We started the cooperation several years ago (in 2015). It was the first international Polish-Norwegian partnership where we built standardized training. After that, other countries joined us to work together in AAI. Sometimes it is just short cooperation finalized with a great result, but often it becomes a strong partnership and friendship that motivates us to work even harder!

Meet our alliace

Each of the partners is building our experience!

The leader of the initiative. Polish organization working with dog- and cat-assisted intervention in many different facilities. Co-authors of the PADA protocol and standardized international AAI courses. 

Dyrebar Omsorg is a Norwegian company specialized in training and certification AAI teams. Instructors and researchers from this organization are recognizable all over the world, as experts in the field. 

The DAI Academy is specialized in training and certification AAI teams. Helped set up the curriculum for AAI in the Netherlands and works closely together with the PADA team.

As the leading research university in Hungary, the name of ELTE means knowledge, opportunities, competition, openness and community. Professor Ádám Miklósi was our partner and co-author of the PADA project. 

The University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca is the successor of the prestigious Higher School of Agriculture of Cluj, founded 145 years ago. Researchers team with professor Alina Rusu are working with us to develop cat screening AAI test!

The Institute for Applied Ethology and Animal Psychology, also known as I.E.T., is a renowned, globally active private scientific institute founded in 1991 by the eminent behavioral researcher Dennis C. Turner. The institute specializes in the behavior of domestic animals, mainly cats and dogs, and the effects of human-animal interactions on the health and wellbeing of both. 

OU is the national university for open and distance learning in The Netherlands. The university is a frontrunner in new learning technologies and educational insights and continuously works to improve and innovate its education and to support Dutch higher education in preparing for new learning challenges. Parnter in HDT project – standarized professional AAI course and certification project. 

The Zmysel života, n.o. was established in 2010, but the experiences in the field of dog-assisted interventions date back to the year 2005. The organization focuses on the quality of performance of animal-assisted interventions (especially with dogs) with an appeal to the welfare, well-being and quality of life of animals.

The AURA Foundation is one of the founders of MATESZE (Hungarian Therapy and Assistance Dog Association). It takes part in the development of legislation on the use of therapy dogs in Hungary and in raising therapy dog training to the level of professions adopted by the European Union. In 2003, we developed a detailed method of therapy dog training in Hungary. 

Accredited volunteer organization dealing with the professional performance of AAI
within the Czech Republic. Provides training and testing for AAI teams. Working with people in need and supporting them with dedicated, professional dog-assisted interventions.

Romanian organization, the Department of Animal Assisted Therapy and Activities in Bucharest is part of the Utility Dogs Club Association. The mission is to provide Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) and disseminate its beneficial role in our society.

German organization with a great experience and knowledge in AAI, closely associated with the International and European Society of Animal Assisted Therapy (ISAAT & ESAAT). The main goal is to educate and support animal handlers in their professional work.
Partner in our first European standardization project and co-author of the “Animal Assisted Intervention” handbook.

Slovakian AAI organization that provides dog-assisted intervention and works for the national development of AAI standardization and cooperation.

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