About us

We are the international federation of AAI organizations, companies, and institutes. Our goal is to make AAI more standardized across the countries. We care about the quality of AAI, animal welfare, and patient benefits.  Learn more, certify your team, or join us with your organization! 


Learning and working alone may be tiring and requires determination. To support all practitioners also those working with us, we developed a community website to make us all connect, discuss and evolve together. 

You can freely ask AAI questions and share your experiences and ideas on this website. We have created tools that will help all of us to connect and learn from each other! We are waiting for your input so that the AAI milieu can boost! Introduce yourself and become a part of it!



What we can do together?

We are building our alliance internationally. We believe professionals worldwide can share their passion and knowledge to work for AAI!

Professional certification

See our online courses! Check if it is possible to pass the practical part in your country, or join us at Poland’s international AAI training camp! Meet live 40 practitioners from different countries… or hundreds of them online. Let’s learn together!

Join with your organization

Is your organization doing professional AAI training and certification? Join our alliance and become part of the milieu. We will build the certification path together and benefit from the experiences of various experts!

Become the PADA evaluator

Start working in your local community as a part of the international network of experts in the AAI field! Network with the PADA team online, and explore our database and tools that will make your work easier and more professional. 

We are a team!

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Work Experience

Since 2015 we have developed various AAI projects that help to standardize knowledge and certification paths in different countries. Learn more about it!

Therapy DOG Training

That was our first international project! Poland, Norway, Germany, and Austria join their experiences to prepare the first standarized handbook for AAI handlers. The manual is free to use and contains basic knowledge about AAI. 


Human dog teams in AAI

Fantastic cooperation with polish Animals For People Association, Norwegian Dyrebar Omsorg and the Netherlands Open Uniwersity. The goal was to prepare handlers to work in AAI with their dogs, with all the needed quality standards and welfare care (both for dogs and patients!). We developed the online course and the handbook. Learn more by visiting the website!

PADA: Personality Assesment for dogs in AAI

Together with the project’s leader: Animals for People Association, our Hungarian partner: Eötvös Loránd University, and Norwegian company Dyrebar Omsorg our alliance described, validated and standardized dog testing system based on scientific research. That’s how PADA was introduced to the AAI milieu! Find out more about it! 

Animals for People

Not only dogs! Strong partnership with professor Dennis Turner (from Switzerland), professor Alina Rusu and her team from The University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca(from Romania), Dyrebar Omsorg from Norway, and polish leader: Animals for People Association, we are working on a behavioral test for cats working in AAI and requirements for farm animals. We will release some information soon! 

What Our Trainees say...

We asked our trainees about their opinion. 

Place in the Internet, where I can find so many usefull information about AAI! I feel alone working in my community, but here I have friends!

Thomas, Hungary

Thanks to the International AAI camp I have learned a lot and changed my relationship with the dog. I am so gratefull for the team to be there for me and support our jurney!

Helena, Netherlands

With all those horrible things happening around I feel so lucky to find this place and people with the knowledge about the dogs! So many of our dogs are working now and we really need to protect their welfare!

Anna, Ukraine

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If you have any questions or want to text us about your thoughts or ideas, let’s stay in touch!